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heeey, your work is really fantastic :) keep it up :)
thank you so much
Ramler Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hi Kiki,
those are some really lovely strange beautiful amazing artworkpieces you've made.
'Life socks' should be very happy that you do his artwork for his songs on Soundcloud!
Maybe you can do an albumcover for us in the future? ;-)

Greetings from Flowermouth (Dennis/ Lody),
Eindhoven, Holland.
Hello dear friends Dennis and Lody

I've just listened some of your works on soundcloud (must say you have very interesting and mindmoving sounds). So far I had a few visions regarding your music, but I would have to hear that new album of yours to decide. Here is my facebook page [link], so we can have easier communication, and collaborate in the future.

Big hugs from Serbia
and many thanks for such kind words
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